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Chari Leiva, born and resides in Jaén is Diploma in Industrial Relations from the University of Social Sciences and Law of Jaén. Currently working in the Delegation of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job. 

I currently teaches watercolor classes at People's University of Jaén. In these courses, I try to encourage students to express themselves through painting and creating personal works. We focus on developing watercolors from photographs that provide students help themselves in this way to grow artistically and to express their feelings with others sharing the love of watercolor. Learn drawing, mixing colors, contrasts, to finally get a work adapted to the tastes of students. Also, through demonstrations in class, try to work with ease watercolor pigment and water, trying to get a "loose watercolor" that is so valued in this medium.

As you can see I have been fortunate to be awarded in several competitions and contests in which I participated.

  • Collective exhibition at People's University of Jaén. From 1 to June 15, 1998.
  • Collective exhibition at the Foundation for Social Affairs Ecxmo. Ayuntamiento de Jaén. From 19 to March 31, 1999.
  • Solo Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall Coffee Pub "Latino". From May 20 to June 15, 1999.
  • Solo Exhibition Exhibition Hall of the Bar Association of Jaen. From March 9 through 24 of 2,000.
  • Selected Works in Watercolor IV Certamen Andaluz "Duchess of Alba" in October 2001.
  • First Prize Painting Contest X of the celebrations of the Chapel of the City of Jaen. June 2003.
  • Selected Work at the Eighth National Painting Contest "LOZANO ADOLFO cider" Priego de Córdoba. December 2001.
  • Selected Works in National Art Contest V "Painter Juan Almagro" in Pegalajar. 2003.
  • Selected Works in the National Painting Contest XVI "Villa de Arjonilla" in Arjonilla. 2003.
  • Exhibition Organized by the Board "LOZANO ADOLGO cider" on the occasion of the celebration of Watercolor Course in Priego de Cordoba in August 2003.
  • Selected Work in Painting Contest XXI "Diego Figueroa Hortelano", Jaen. 2003.
  • Selected Work in the Painting Competition IV "Jacen" organized by the Association of Technical Architects of Jaen. November 2003.
  • Selected work in the National Watercolor Competition "Participation" of Seville. December 2003-January 2004.
  • Watercolour Group Exhibition on the occasion of the Symposium Jaén Watercolor in February 2004 in Baeza.
  • Collective Exhibition of the Association of Watercolor Painters of Andalusia in the exhibition hall "Jamete Esteban" Santiago de Úbeda Hospital. From May 26 to June 6, 2004.
  • First Prize Painting Contest XI of the celebrations of the Chapel of the City of Jaen. June 2004.
  • First Prize in the First Drawing Contest "City of Mars." July 2004.
  • Selected Work at the XVII National Painting Contest "Villa de Arjonilla" in Arjonilla. 2004.
  • Selected Projects at the XXXII National Painting Competition "Ciudad de Martos" 2004.
  • Selected Work in the Third National Watercolor Competition organized by the Association of Watercolor Painters of Malaga. 2004.
  • Group Exhibition fifteenth anniversary of the Andalusian Association of Watercolor Painters held at the Old San Juan de Dios Hospital. From 8 to November 21, 2004.
  • Acquisition Prize Painting Contest girder work of the school of Architects and Technicians Surveyors Jaén.Año 2006.
  • Exhibition "Watercolours" in Bar "La Reja" 1 to February 20, 2011.
  • Creating Drawing Workshop for children by tutoring in pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, watercolor pencils, gouache, pastel, etc. .. Any work on paper, for two years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, with excellent results.
  • Watercolor professor at People's University of Jaén 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
  • Group exhibition of watercolors I Jaén Association of watercolors of Andalusia from 22 March to 14 April 2013.
  • Work selected in the XIII National Watercolour Competition 2013 Caudete Villa. 
    Individual Exhibition "Watercolors" on CajaGranada Exhibition Hall from 4 to 27 February 2014.
  • Participation Travelling Exhibition "25 years, 75 watercolorists" of the Andalusian Association of watercolors in the temporary exhibition hall of the Provincial Museum of Jaén March 7 to April 4, 2014, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Association.
  • II Group Exhibition of watercolors of Jaén Association of watercolors of Andalusia from 8  to 30 April 2014.